GO FOR THE BALLS by John Tustin

When she got really mad at meHer hands would gnarl into clawsAnd she’d go for the balls.Every time.She’d start by scratching at my neckOr my armsBut then, once I began to protect myself,She’d try to grab my balls and twist.She thought she had them figurativelyAnd then she wanted them literally.I once got eczema on my […]

2 Poems by John Tustin

GOD IS IN YOUR TYPEWRITER God is in your typewriter. The devil is in the bushes outside.The devil is in your head as you soap your balls in the shower.The devil is calling you on the phone.The devil is smiling up at you when you punch the clock.The devil woke up beside you this morningAnd […]

PURR by John Tustin

I remember a good nightNot too many years ago. I was alone in that apartment I hadAt the time my dad was helping me pay the rentSo I could see my kids every other weekend But this was a Monday nightSo I didn’t have the kids. I wasn’t really aloneBecause the cat was there.I was […]