The Sugary Contours by Peter J. Dellolio

The sugary contours of the Purgatorial

guitar emit a preciosity of fluid

injuries preceded by pasta steam and

validated vigorousness.

Born 1956 New York City.  Went to Nazareth High School and New York University.  Graduated 1978: B.A. Cinema Studies; B.F.A. Film Production.  Wrote and directed various short films, including James Joyce’s short story Counterparts which he adapted into a screenplay.  Counterparts was screened at national and international film festivals.  A freelance writer, Peter has published many 250-1000 word articles on the arts, film, dance, sculpture, architecture, and culture, as well as fiction, poetry, one-act plays, and critical essays on art, film, and photography.   Poetry collection “A Box Of Crazy Toys” published 2018 by Xenos Books/Chelsea Editions.  He is working on a critical study of Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcock’s Cinematic World: Shocks of Perception and the Collapse of the Rational.  Chapter excerpts have appeared in The Midwest QuarterlyLiterature/Film QuarterlyKinemaFlickhead, and North Dakota Quarterly since 2006.

His poetry and fiction have appeared in various literary magazines, including AntennaAero-Sun TimesBogus ReviewPen-Dec PressBoth Sides NowCross Cultural Communications/Bridging The Waters Volume II, and The Mascara Literary Review.  Dramatika Press published a volume of his one-act plays in 1983.  One of these, The Seeker, appeared in an issue of Collages & Bricolages.  Peter was a contributing editor for NYArts Magazine, writing art and film reviews.  He authored monographs on several new artists as well.  He was co-publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Artscape2000, a prestigious, award-winning art review e-zine.  He has also taught poetry and art for LEAP.  He is an artist himself: His paintings and 3D works offer abstract images of famous people in all walks of life who have died tragically at a young age.  He lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

On the Balcony by Paul Ilechko

An ancient animal
is turning to rot 
stink of putrefaction
in the mouth of the cave
grasses hide the flow
of light against the wind
we are naked 
on the balcony
watching the world
become autumn
a blind world
where forgetfulness 
transforms mercy
we cast no shadows
our moments invisible.

Paul Ilechko is British American poet and occasional songwriter who lives with his partner in Lambertville, NJ. His work has appeared in many journals, including The Night Heron Barks, Tampa Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, Sleet Magazine, and The Inflectionist Review. He has also published several chapbooks.