Photography by Robin Wright

Robin Wright lives in Southern Indiana. Her work has appeared in The New Verse News, Last Stanza Poetry Review, Bombfire Lit, SanctuaryThe DrabbleRat’s Ass ReviewAs it Ought to BeOne ArtOlney MagazineYoung Ravens Literary Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, and othersShe is a Pushcart Prize nominee, and her first chapbook, Ready or Not, was published by Finishing Line Press in October of 2020.

Reality TV Barbie by A.J. Huffman

Barbie reinvented herself.  Times and tastes
have changed.  To remain a star, she shaved
one side of her hair, dyed
the other side blue, pierced a few things, lied
about her age, and landed the lead 
on the hottest new reality show.  Ironically,
she quickly discovered she was the least 
plastic member of the cast.  She bought 
some hooker heels and new implants to catch up.  
What helped her most was her lack of internal
organs.  She could drink to excess,
without network worry regarding medical 
liability.  Plus she was poseable, she stayed
put, planted, firmly in place till they needed her
to shake up the mix reel.

A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida.  She has published 27 collections and chapbooks of poetry.  In addition, she has published her work in numerous national and international literary journals.  She is currently the editor for Kind of a Hurricane Press literary journals ( ).  

Walking Corpse Syndrome by Alyssa Jordan

When Violet learned the devil was her soulmate, she didn’t feel heartbroken. Or scared. Or surprised. Or anything. 

So, the devil sent her courting gifts. 

Cuts of Parisian soap and perfume like wine. Necklaces crusted with purple gemstones. Spanish elm boxes surrounded by cocoa shells; tongs to select floral cubes of chocolate. Black tart shells stuffed with lavender cream. Thousand-year-old books covered in bloody violets. Knives that smoked in the air. 

Violet used and consumed everything he had to offer, and always, she hoped for more.

Anything to fill the place where a heart should be.

Alyssa Jordan is a writer living in the United States. She likes to make surprise balls, eat donuts, and drink coffee. In 2020, she won The Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Monster contest. You can find her on Twitter @ajordan901.