2 Poems by Stevie Subrizi

Requiem for a Small Space

While I was dating this minister, she invited me to her church, waited until
the congregants left,
and took me upstairs to see inside the organ.

She led me past the organist’s desk, strewn with notation and framed
photographs, toward
the reeds in the wooden skeleton,

and when she asked if I wanted to climb into a slim compartment to see
further within,
I am sorry to say that I declined.

And so now there is this place, within an organ within a church within a life,
that I will never
get another chance to visit,

like how there was once a place for me to tell this sort of story, by way of
this sort of poem,
in a basement bar that no longer exists.

Even while I loved that minister, I never believed in heaven, but if I did, it
would be a room
you could play with your hands;

someplace you never would have thought to ask to be allowed to enter, if
you ever noticed it
in a lifetime on the ground floor;

but a place where, once inside, you could spend whole eternities between
and within the tones
wrung out from the air in its walls.

My Junior High School Spanish Class Visited a Dictator’s Tomb

The ceiling was impossibly tall, or
the ceiling was disturbingly close,

and its tiles depicted, as I recall, a million dead souls
floating like lost balloons to the Sun.

Decades later, some man who would kill me for looking pretty
tells the world and his friends that Torquemada was just doing his job,

a statue of Christopher Columbus finally loses its head, and the ruler of America
orders a law that protects statues after erasing a law that protected me,

but by now I understand
that he is just doing his job;

the man who would kill me
is speaking by right of law;

the journey to the Sun
is long and cold,

but while I float on up in my bare feet, I will remember how time waited
to drag the body of a tyrant from its seat in heaven,

and I will punch a hole in the sky
on my way to meet its lord.

Stevie Subrizi is a genderqueer poet and punk singer-songwriter in Allston, Massachusetts. They are a former cohost of the Boston Poetry Slam while its home was the Cantab Lounge. Their poems have been published in places like NAILED, FreezeRay, and Neon, and they released their latest EP Nails in April 2020. www.steviesubrizi.com