Zanzibar Night by Ana Fores-Tamayo

Insufferable sleep
burdens the intoxicating odor
of vagabond nights,
as the broken eyes weigh heavily,
mirrored images
of eternity succumbed.
The endless touch of passion
hears its celestial innocence
and is silenced.
So I smell the tacit reek of smoke
clogging my every spore,
Spices of cloves and nutmeg
infusing my dreams,
choking that annihilating vapor
of Zanzibar and lust.

Being an academic not paid enough for her trouble, Ana Fores-Tamayo wanted instead to do something that mattered: work with asylum seekers. She advocates for marginalized refugee families from Mexico and Central America. Working with asylum seekers is heart wrenching, yet satisfying. In parallel, poetry is her escape. She has published in The Raving Press, Laurel Review, Indolent Books and many other anthologies and journals, both online and in-print. Her poetry in translation & photography have been featured at home and internationally too. Through poetry, she keeps tilting at windmills.