Bath Time With Björk by Susanna Kittredge

Björk is offering me French fries.
Her French fries are made of chick pea batter,
cooked in goose fat, and garnished
with umeboshi pickled plum and ebullience.

Björk is wearing pajamas.
We are both wearing pajamas.
Warm water is running for a bath and the bathroom
is filling with bubbles.

I can see Björk’s reflection on the surface
of a bubble, all pink-blue iridescence
and Mona Lisa smile.
Björk pops the bubble, conjuring
a blue-pink parakeet that hops onto Björk’s finger
and into her open mouth.
Björk puts the finger to her lips and chirps.

The French fries are still warm and crispy,
but they are not for eating.
They are for atmosphere. Their warm, fatty aroma
makes me drowsy and content.
The room is pillowed with millions of bubbles.
Björk turns off the tap and opens her mouth wide.

I hop in.

Susanna Kittredge is a teacher and poet from Massachusetts. Her first full-length collection, The Future Has a Reputation, was published by CW Books in January, 2020. Susanna holds an MFA from San Francisco State University. She is a member of the Jamaica Pond Poets and the Brighton Word Factory.