Elephant Cookies by Joseph Buehler

Attention: to reduce the risk of fire, only use a forty watt bulb.
You can’t eat any more elephant cookies. Stop eating the
elephant cookies. Rachel stole the last one. Only zebra
cookies are left. (The pick might fly off the handle.) Beware
of the three leafed poison ivy tree. Your weeping cherry tree
has stopped weeping. (Let’s fix Henry good.) He was a lean
Kentucky farmer who married a fat Ohio woman, Jacob was.
Or maybe she became fat as time wore on. Did they have any
kids? I don’t remember. Who cares anyway? Maybe the kids
cared, if they existed. Ethel just made up a new batch of elephant
cookies. Avoid the rush. Look out for Sammy! I hear that Sammy
has it in for you because you ate almost all of the elephant cookies.
Will you please quit screwing sixty watt bulbs into all of the desk
lamps? Please?

Joseph Buehler has published poetry in Otoliths in Australia, The Tower Journal, Bumble Jacket Miscellany, Mad Swirl, Futures Trading ,Turk’s Head Review,  H.C.E.  Review in Dublin and elsewhere.  He lives in Georgia with his wife Trish and no pets.