Perceptive by Lee Petroll

The street is flooded with people walking to and from. Street vendors call out, selling various items. People wave at each other and hug, talking and interacting with each other. Bright lights stream out from windows. Horse drawn carriages clatter across the cobblestone roads, stirring up a little bit of dust behind the back wheels. Flags wave from the balconies as the wind blows past. The glow of the golden towers off in the distance reflect sunlight down into the town square. The fountain bubbles, pushing water up from the pipes hidden under the street. Warm smells escape from certain buildings as the legs walk past, coming off of freshly baked pastries. That smell mixes with the fragrance from wildflowers, sprinkled throughout the patches of grass by street corners and in between the stones of the street.

A cat walks up and rubs against a pair of legs as they stand still, greeting the cat. The orange tabby circles around the legs, attached to what can only be a body, until the left leg moves forward, taking a step. The cat trails behind a couple steps, but is still keeping pace with the pair of legs.

Entering a building, books surround any patron as they cover the room, floor to ceiling. The room is small, crowded with bookcases, too full with books. Multiple lamps cast a soft golden light around the room, not illuminating every dark corner. A person stands at a counter, smiling down at a book in their lap. Picking one book off a shelf, the spine feels rough, worn from other hands. The book with yellowed pages smells of a mix of vanilla and age. Letters decorate the page creating words to form a sentence, which can make a paragraph. These paragraphs fill the pages.

Lee Petroll is an artist and writer based in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Lee is currently focused on writing and creating art surrounding their mental health and stories relating to the queer life. Lee plans to study art in college.