2 Poems by Hayley McCullough

A History of Society

Hold a sparrow in your hand
Clip its wings and smash its head
Throw what is left
In a golden cage
Watch it gasp for breath
And twitch in pain
Laugh and lick your lips
The blood of others
Is sweeter than fresh meat
Take the cage and smash it soundly
Freedom is won
Through another’s feathers
Run away and hide your stolen wings
Keep them safe where no can see
And when you’re caught
In someone else’s fleshy hands
Cry and peck and flap your wings
Struggle and fight
Your final denial
Your final delusion

Untitled #12

A yellow moon hangs amongst purple leaves
Magenta fireflies flicker in tomorrow’s grasp
And icy ash floats skywards
Lost to the vacillations of eagerness and bliss
Grass shards break and roses lay smothered
Hollow throes of swollen knuckles
Red bursts of cold iron
Splintered fractures of white bone
A welter of faded roars, echoes
A plethora of old and fresh blood, now cold
False light, star light, last light, true light –
A yellow moon hides behind the clouds

With each passing day, Hayley McCullough becomes more convinced she’s actually a brain in a jar.