Gift of the Ghosts by Mary Shanley

Serene in the moment
In a sea of hallowed ghosts.
They come to me
When I despair of life.

It’s easy to die,
everyone can do it.
Not so mysterious,
Another journey awaits.

To be with me at the crossover
point is the gift of the ghosts.

I think of something other
than death and ghosts and my
breath ceases to race.

The sun is out. I step onto the
street and join the other humans
as we negotiate the crowded

We all wear masks now.
It’s the era of Covid and death
Is lurking any and everywhere.
The virus took my sister in four days.

Dying is more possible now.
I call on my ghost to stay near.

Mary Shanley is a poet/storyteller living in NYC with her wife. She has published three books of poetry and one book of short stories. Mary Shanley was The Featured Poet on WBAI FM Radio, NYC and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.