F-Bomb Dreams by Yash Seyedbagheri

My wife and I watch Netflix, the cheapest option, but dream of HBO, things beyond incestuous feuding on The Crown or atrophying Adam Sandler. The Sopranos. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Succession.

We love the preponderance of fucks HBO offers. Fuck, a word with naked cheer, rage, bewilderment. Sometimes, we repeat it over and over while we sink into bills and sagging sofas. Then we retreat back into Netflix. If only Prince Phillip cursed more.

Yash Seyedbagheri is a graduate of Colorado State University’s MFA program in fiction. His stories, “Soon,”  “How To Be A Good Episcopalian,” and “Tales From A Communion Line,” were nominated for Pushcarts. Yash’s work  has been published or is forthcoming in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts,  SmokeLong Quarterly, Write City Magazine, and Ariel Chart, among others.