My birthday wish by Andy Graber

What happened to everyone at my birthday party? Where am I and who in the world are you? No need to worry Craig, you are in good hands with us. What are you talking about, and what is your name? My name is irrelevant, and I just want you to think very hard right now so maybe you yourself can figure out this puzzle Craig. I want you to picture yourself at your birthday party, and I want you to try and remember what you wished for when you blew out all of your birthday candles.
Can you do that for me right now Craig? Alright, I can do that. I remember that I kept my birthday wish a secret from everyone at my birthday party. Now tell me what you wished for Craig? I wished that I could become a mosquito so I could get back at all of the kids that picked on me in my classroom.
Ok, now we are getting somewhere Craig. Please go on and tell me more. Well, the day after my birthday party, I went to school and I heard my teacher call out my name for attendance. I heard her call out my name but I couldn’t respond to her. My teacher called out my name one more time, but I couldn’t tell her that I was there. Now why do you think that you couldn’t answer your teacher Craig? I guess because I was a mosquito and I was invisible to her.
Now we are getting closer to solving your current situation.
Please go on Craig and tell me what happened next.
I remember that I took out all of my anger and I started biting all of the kids that used to pick on me. After a few minutes, I do remember that I felt so bloated. What happened after that Craig?
I threw up so that I could make room in my stomach to bite some more of their bodies. I wanted to bite them a few more times so that the next day they would be itching and scratching their itchy bite marks. So I flew around and started to bite each one of them at least four more times.
After that, I remember feeling very sick and nauseous.
What happened next after that Craig? Well, I flew up to the ceiling and I took a nice catnap up there. Then, when I finally woke up, everyone was gone. I looked at the clock in my classroom and it was already four o’clock in the afternoon. What happened next Craig? Well, I flew down from the ceiling and I just wanted to sit in my regular seat for a few minutes.
Then what happened Craig?
I started to fly from my seat and I couldn’t fly anymore.
I felt like I was caught in some type of trap. Now are things becoming much more clearer to you now Craig? What happened next Craig?
I was trying to escape this trap but to no avail. I then stopped struggling and I took a nap. Then what happened next Craig? I woke up and I turned my head and I noticed that a spider was coming my way. Now do you understand what had happened to you in your classroom Craig?
Oh my goodness, I guess that spider ate me. So does that mean that this place that I am in right now is heaven?
Let’s just say that you are in good hands, as I then began to notice this huge smirk on his face that made me feel that perhaps this place was not heaven.

Besides writing, Andy likes to sing and he also likes to create different types of artwork.