2 Poems by Jeff Taylor


the letters on the screen
are inhabited by people

who want to kill you

they are flourescent bulbs
trapped in the walls of a maze
shaped to spell freedom

after being fed six pills 
every three hours 
for nine weeks 

the letter people

ate through the walls
and hurled themselves  

into the space between the text


their true goal 

is to direct

but the pharmaceutical regimen
freedom put them on 


left them susceptible

to believing


they must be standing 

in a pool of your blood

to make a dollar


they think love has a shape

a color

a required equipment list


a representative is asking you to lie on the couch

a profile has been created for you 


you will be prompted

to select a legacy administrator


press spacebar to continue

I’m Not, But I Am

I’m not 
to be President

but I’m 
my library.

I’m not 
the founder
of a social 

but I’m 
a hoodie.

I wasn’t 
born with
a Silver Spoon 
in my mouth

but I talk 
sitcom philosophies.

I’m not 
a spy

but I’m chain 

I didn’t go 
to flight school

but I’m a 

I didn’t 
find God

but I married 
my best friend.

I’m not 
a cult 

but my 
love me.

I didn’t 
consider myself
an alcoholic

but I 
minor holiday.

I didn’t 
create change

but I’m 
to podcasts.

I’m not 
the Heavyweight

but I beat 

I didn’t make 
the All-American Team

but I know how to 
play the game.

I’d make 
a terrible waiter
but I’ll bring you 
what you 
ask for.

Host of The Garage Poets Open Mic, Jeff Taylor has been writing, publishing and performing poetry for over 20 years, he has recently had poems publshed in Ethel Zine and the anthology American Graveyard (Read or Green Books). Jeff lives in Massachussets with his family where he performs with the poetry/music collective Garage Poets.