Fluorescent Angels by Jennifer Klein

Pacing around the hospital room
Celebrating my life beginning anew
While mere feet away many Loved will shortly ascend
Seeing their last glows of fluorescent lights before The End
I know most associate them with stale coffee
But I always felt they shone down quite heavenly
Sparkling and igniting inner luminosity
I hope the Loved are spellbound by that sight
And when they go to the Light
The angels will tell them
They were always winking down at them
Through part of humankind’s own desire to be bright

Jennifer Klein is a writer, musician, and artist who has been writing since childhood. Poetry is one of her favorite ways to make social commentary and merge her inner and outer worlds. Her poems have been featured or are forthcoming in Fahmidan Journal, āraśi, and Pages Literary Journal. She received a bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Dutch Studies and Norwegian from Indiana University Bloomington. You can follow her on Instagram @JenniferKleinReal