Feast by Kim Adonna

Before you
Endings arrived as duvets
And I waved goodbye
As I stifled myself
Beneath them.

The ritual is different
With us:
Burn the blankets
Flick the noose 
Hanging from the ceiling
Slip only the 
Smallest, teasing parts into the loop 
A pinky toe, an earlobe, a nipple.

I run from us
You catchpole me back
You hide
I prowl and dig
This is our 
In this moment
I happen to be
And I’m on my way
Limping with a
Rucksack packed with 
Neurons and sharp poems
I drank my water
I took my vitamins
But my stomach is growling.

Kim Adonna teaches online, cooks, reads, writes and sleeps in a 400-square-foot apartment in Albuquerque, NM.  Nature, poetry, and a hearty tofu stir-fry regulate her nervous system. @plum_eclipse on Instagram