For Your Birthday by Deborah Woodside Coy

I’m going to show you a night 
you’ll never remember.
I’ll touch you in places 
you’ve been touched before.
I’ll kiss you with pollen lips 
like the last thousand times
we’ve gasped together.

After so many years
there are few surprises.
I know the places to touch.
I’ve memorized the geography
of your body.
The bumping of the bed
and slap squish
when we move together
no longer embarrasses us.

You shiver me with your long fingers.
They liven me with their 
learned paths on my flesh.
I thrill to your slow familiarity. 
You know exactly when to let go.
Never routine, we merge
into our satisfaction.

Deborah Woodside Coy has published one collection of poetry and was an editor of La Llorona, by Beatlick Press that won the New Mexico/Arizona Book Award for anthologies. She has published in multiple anthologies and journals.