Word from the Sky by Devin Gmyrek

I have a problem with authority figures. 
The cop told me to cross the road,
but I stood firm. The fire fighter
told me to jump from the window,
but I would not abandon my property. 
Then one day God showed up at my door. 
I had much to discuss with Him. 
He wasn’t an old guy with a beard;
He was a child. I invited Him inside
and after looking around to see
if anyone was watching, quickly 
closed the door. I obviously
couldn’t offer Him a beer, 
and I didn’t have any milk or juice. 
He was very quiet at first 
but that was to be expected after
His many years of silence. 
I hadn’t caught sight of Him
for quite a long time, since I saw
a late winter sunset coming through snowy
trees and felt a glow filling my frame. 
I wanted to ask Him about famine
and war, but it was hard to stay mad
at a child. He had grass stains 
on the knees of his jeans. 
I asked if He’d been playing outside. 
He said He was gardening
as He meandered around the room,
picking up knickknacks I’d collected
from around the globe. 
I was raised catholic and though
I don’t go to church anymore,
I am still superstitious enough
to cross myself daily, especially
when I am frightened and alone. 
I thought about telling Him I
didn’t really believe in Him, seeing
if that might make Him disappear,
but right then I remembered my manners.
“Can I get you anything to eat or drink?” 
I asked. “Water is fine,” he replied. 
Then we sat on the couch
as God thumbed through my vinyl collection,
really not paying much attention to me, 
and we discussed Mystery.
I asked Him a million questions. 
Eventually He got sick of answering
and started for the exit. 
“You’re all a mystery to me,” 
He said. “I don’t know what I’d
do without the entertainment.
Take care.” “You too,” I replied, 
pleasantly surprised. 

Devin Gmyrek received an MFA degree in Creative Writing from Saint Mary’s College of California. After graduate school, he lived for a year in Uruguay, where he translated poetry from Spanish to English and penned a novel. He has taught at various secondary schools, and he now lives in Maine.