You Held My Hand by Terry Trowbridge

Like putting a strawberry 
on my tongue
and trying to count the seeds
by sense of touch

Like flawlessly recalling
the image of a raspberry
without being able to say
the number of drupelets

What I experience
and what I know
of you are
the same difference

Terry Trowbridge’s poems have appeared in The New Quarterly, Borderless Journal, Carousel, subTerrain, paperplates, Fine Line, The Dalhousie Review, untethered, The Nashwaak Review, Orbis, Snakeskin Poetry, M58, CV2, Brittle Star, Lady Lazarus Experimental Poetry, Quail Bell, The American Mathematical Monthly, Canadian Woman Studies, The Mathematical Intelligencer, The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Grey Borders, and many, many more. His lit crit has appeared in Ariel, Hamilton Arts & Letters, Episteme, Studies in Social Justice, and The /t3mz/ Review.